MCS & EI - Awareness and Acknowledgement


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As the years go by, the earth's atmosphere gets more and more polluted with chemicals and electromagnetic fields.

While our bodies can handle most of the exposures, there can come a time when the body ceases to be able to bear the load. When this happens, a person can no longer tolerate even the slightest amount of contamination and after that, the life that was is no more.

In this film, Marie LeBlanc shares the struggles of four friends suffering from Environmental Illness, a.k.a. Environmental Sensitivities, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. They illustrate the pain of coming to terms with the disease and the loneliness and isolation it brings.

You will feel their struggles as they try to survive while trying to navigate the world around them and trying to heal, many without the support of friends, family and the medical community at large who cannot understand the nature of the invisible disease.

Marie LeBlanc and Susie Malloy

Paul Smith

Scott Killingsworth
Viewing Schedule:

May 2020: We have submitted the video to the World Health Organization's "Health for All" Film Festival to coincide with MCS Awareness Month.

We will most likely have some scheduled viewings before then. Please check back for more information.

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